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Welcome to BMC Racing Products

BMC headquarters in Houston, TX is your #1 domestic source for CNC machined flanges and fitted collectors kits. All items in this website are made to order at our machine shop here in Katy, TX USA. No minimum order necessary(due to recent developements this may change in the near future). Aftermarket Performance Fabicators and DIY Tuners/Builders are welcome to shop this website. If you have specific timeline, please call for availablility BEFORE you order.

Our shop builds for other industries as well, so it is ussually loaded with at least 4 weeks of work. We do NOT warehouse these items. Sometimes we have surplus left over from a run for another order. It is our intent to provide the best bang for the buck with the parts we make to fill your order. However it may take us 6-8 weeks to complete the simplest order. All items are treated as custom made items, therefore all sales are final. Arbitrary returns are not allowed. Upon request, a return may be allowed(our decision and only if after review, item is deemed resaleable), but only for store credit with a 30% restocking fee of the original sale price(not including shipping). Upon request, total Cost for work in progress may be(our decision) deducted from requested stop orders and if so, only store credit for the original sale will be allowed. Know what you want before the order. We do not have time to change orders on whim.

Disclaimer: It is the responcibility of the end user alone to determine the safety and/or reliability of products. Our products are designed for racing, which by nature pushes the envelope for safety and reliability. We cannot and do not claim our parts are unbreakable, therefore NO returns are allowed for breaking or cracking. These parts are generally used in fabrications made by others. Parts deemed to have failed due to obvious material defects which should have been noticeable before initial shipment may be replaced(our decision), but no compensation will be made for labor to remove the fabrication, remove the item, rebuild the fabrication, and/or re-installation will be allowed as the fabricator and the end user also have responcibility to determine the safety and reliability of the item. Racing is a dangerous sport. Please do NOT Street Race, it is illegal and dangerous. Please keep your racing to the race track where emergency medical personel are ussually available. Remember it is far better to err on the side of caution and race another day, than to spend the rest of your life incumbered with missing body parts, or worse.


For the Record: FYI:

1) and Boerner Manufacturing Co. was started for My(Sam's) own personal satisfaction of earning my family's living working with my head and hands involved in my passion of designing and machining.

2) I have never claimed Business Smarts, but I try very hard to be machinist and design smart. What Business smarts I have have come the hard way, trial and error(the University of Hard Knocks!).

3) I Do NOT intend to hire a manager or any other additional laborers than family. I am not trying to build an empire. I do not want to run people. I want to run machines and design product.

4) I am not a bank, so don't ask for terms unless you already are doing a large amount of business with If granted, expect a price increase since terms require more paperwork(I don't like), additional follow up, and if nothing else interest for the term. Please be advised you are asking me for credit, which you may have problems repaying. I may have to seek expensive court action. I would much prefer standard payment.

5) For those who like to play head games, DON'T! Just GO AWAY! I don't like head games and as soon as I figure out that is what is happening, I will terminate freindly relations. I may not be very professional either.

6) These are my Terms. If you cannot tolerate them, GO AWAY. Sounds ONE-SIDED? IT IS! Don't Like it? GO-AWAY!

7) Any transactions(past, present, and/or future) completed by any means with or Boerner Manufacturing Co will be deemed as accepting my terms.

8) For my many customers who have been kind enough to give me work, a BIG THANK YOU. I look forward to many more years working for you.

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