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Custom Engraving

Want your company logo on our flanges? Not a problem!

We can engrave logos on any of our standard and premium header flanges as long as it is simple. Simplicity just means no intricate, weird fontage or detailed images. There is only a limited amount of space we can engrave on our flanges and the simpler the design, the bigger we can put it on the flange.

To get  started, send us an image of your logo at Any file type is fine. Specifiy which font is used though. Our machinist will take a look at it and will let you know if it's something we can do.

IMPORTANT: For first time engraving we require a minimum of 5 header flanges in the order, in either standard or premium versions. Once we have your engraving in our system, there is no minimum order for engraving. Prices are as follows:


$15.00 per engraving on each Standard flange

$12.50 per engraving on each Premium flange. Engraving on 3 or more Premium flanges is FREE.


Allow up to an extra week before we ship out engraved flanges. First time orders of engraved flanges, allow an additional 2-3 weeks. Call to order.