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Splayed Pipe Collectors

Our flanges are great, but so are our collectors! Each collector is custom made using 304 Stainless Steel in Schedule 10 (1-1/2" pipe actual size is 1.90" od), fitting a variety of turbos! T3, T4, T25, Round, T4 divided ('Y' Collectors), you name it!. We offer 3 inch and 4 inch collectors to match your particular need. Generally the merge is about 3/4" less than the length. Each piece is cut using a secret BMC method that insures the collector has the merge point inside that fabricators go crazy for. You will recieve your set untacked and unpolished. It saves you on shipping and gives you control over how you want the finish of your collector to look. I know many like to fusion weld, but better welding technique ussually involves gapping parts for better weld penatration. Please understand these are meant to be welded together, which means that some gap(1/16" max between ajacent fittings - not total for all fittings) is concidered to be allowable, especially for the longer collectors.

Made in the USA.

All orders are made after reciept of payment. Please allow 1-2 weeks build time. Otherwise please call or e-mail for availability.


Edited 6/7/13, removed precise from merge point, added allowance for gaps, -Sam

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