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Turbine Outlets

Turbine Outlets for the fabrication of down pipes. Each Down Pipe Flange is CNC milled for precise fitting and consistent product quality. We make it out of 1/2 inch mild steel. 

Turbine Outlets Products

4B T3 Down Pipe 3/8
Category: Turbine Outlets
Mild Steel, unit is one flange.Our 4B T3 Down Pipe in 3/8 inch thick material. Slow moving item, limited availability, call...
5 Bolt T3 Down Pipe Flange Stainless Steel
Category: Turbine Outlets
3/8 in Stainless Steel, slow moving item, limited availability, call or e-mail for availability.The item will be sanded...
Nissan GTR Skyline Turbine Outlet/Downpipe Flange
Category: Turbine Outlets
This precision CNC machined mild steel flange is made for the DIY/Custom builder/tuner for the Nissan GTR Skyline.  ...
T3 5 Bolt Turbine Outlet Flange
Category: Turbine Outlets
Made out of mild steel. Port is 2.5 inches in diameter.
Universal 4 Bolt Turbine Outlet Flange
Category: Turbine Outlets
Universal 4 bolt Turbine Outlet Flange for Down Pipe. Fits 100-108 mm (measured diagonally to opposite bolt holes)...